I used to always say that the "about" page is the hardest thing I'll ever write on my blog because I hate writing about myself. But then I realized that's literally the biggest lie ever and I spend all my time essentially writing about myself, so this page should be a breeze. 

I'm Lauren, an Orange County native who can be usually be found at a coffee shop listening to good music and writing something, perusing the local bookstore, or beaming with joy whilst taking in a live theater production. That last sentence - ha. 

I also enjoy Jesus. He's pretty important too. I used to think including Him in my "about" section was kind of annoying and over-spiritual, but then I realized most of what I write is tinged with faith. It's what I know. Like literally - I have a masters degree in Theology. Anyway, there we go. I'm one of those Jesus lovers. Except I am normal and not terrible and I will probably treat you the same as anyone else or hopefully better.

I work at a church in Huntington Beach as the Communications Director. Before that I worked at every christian camp in California ever, a little company called TOMS, another church, and most recently, a private liberal arts university in Southern California. My dream is to be a professor (and to have a PhD so people have to call me Dr. Francis).

I believe in stories and conversations and laughing and working through stuff. I'm a talker. It's a blessing and a blessing. If you think it's a curse...well...something is wrong with you. *winky face*

I'm an Enneagram Type 3 (Still figuring out that wing) and it's my new obsession to analyze people and talk to them about their type/number. nerd alert. My Meyers-Briggs is ESTJ and my StrengthsFinders make up the acronym CLAWS (communication - learner - achiever - woo - strategic) and if you know these three things about me, I will make lots more sense to you. 

I write because it's how I make sense of the world around me and because I think sometimes it's the best way I know how to say "me too." 

Ok, that's plenty. You know me too well. I told you I liked talking about myself.